Create your Own WhatsApp Bot

Simple and Easy that your business needs

What is FOBO

FOBO is a Bot service that runs on WhatsApp the most commonly used messaging platform in the world. FOBO is powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine that helps in creating an automated response management for the varied industries. FOBO distinguishes itself from other providers as not a just a SaaS model but a solution provider for that industry. Carefully designed and engineered with industry professionals it serves as a solution to the problem.


No API or Integration Costs


NO Programing or Development Required


Seamless Onboarding

WhatsApp Bot for your Business

FOBO is designed with focus on business needs. Easy onboarding and seamless integration with other systems does not interfere your business operations.

FOBO is your super employee
thatworks as you want,
where you want &
when you want


Generate Enquiries

Customer Support

Book Appointments

Take Orders

FOBO is flexible and customizable to the basic needs of your business. As a business owner or operator, you have the choice to design the communication flow and in the language you want.  Intelligent response management as human replies, send and mange push notifications, Automating general enquiries and FAQ’s with AI.

FOBO has a ready WhatsApp Bot solution for below industries.

Parking Management

An easy barrier less parking management through WhatsApp with AI enabled camera scanning and payment processing

Food Ordering

One stop shop for restaurants to list and Find. Order food on WhatsApp, make payment, track delivery all through single WhatsApp


Set your own home shop on WhatsApp, create groups, and manage customers, orders, fulfillment, and deliveries through WhatsApp


Increase sales and automate customer Service, with information and service queries answered through an Intelligent response solution on WhatsApp

Car Rental

Automate the car rental business with information service, car pictures, odometer readings, and accident records on WhatsApp, collect payment send notifications.

Grocery Shopping

Manage customers records and financial settlements all on WhatsApp, Customers can share product images, order online without making phone calls.


Make social payments the trend, collect payment through WhatsApp as a payment gateway. For Banks one window on boarding process, document verification and easy for transaction verification, save on SMS costs


For airports to keep an informative response on flight details and emergency notifications. Airlines can manage their ticket sales, service queries and even e-Check in through WhatsApp

If you do not find your Business requirements above send us an enquiry and we will revert with a solution.


Pay for what you use

Per Message

If your business metric is constant and designed on messages where you can calculate your cost, choose this plan where you can control the costs, messages and design the chat flow.

Per User

If you are in the business of onboarding and customer acquisition, it is best to choose this plan where you can calculate your costs based on per user acquired or contact made

Per Order

If you sell products or service, the you can choose per order plan where your costs are covered in the selling item